Wisdom Teeth Extraction& Dental Implants in Kenai, AK

When you're in need of dental services in Kenai, AK, you've come to the right place. We provide a variety of services. From whitening and dentures to general cleaning or fillings, we can do it all.

We're here to keep your teeth healthy and to give you a lifetime of great smiles.

Come see us in Kenai, and you'll see that it's easy to keep your teeth looking great!
A dentist doing teeth extraction in Kenai, AK

General Dentistry

When it comes to general dentistry services, we've got you covered. We can take care of whitening and dentures, fillings and crowns and everything in between!  We also offer Bonded Indirect Restoration, Conscious Dedation, Dental Implants, Sleep Apnea/Snoring Appliances and Dental VeneersWe want our Kenai patients to put their trust in us, so we strive to make everyone as comfortable as possible at all times. At Kenai Dental Clinic, we encourage parents to bring their children in as early as possible to create a lifetime of great dental habits!

Cosmetic Dentistry

If your smile isn't what you'd like for it to be, we can help! We provide teeth whitening, a variety of teeth straightening options and so much more.

Come and see us in Kenai for a consultation, and we think you'll be impressed at how easy it can be to take your smile to the next level. Remember, we can provide services from whitening and dentures to fillings and crowns. Of course, if you start taking care of your teeth early, you may never need to worry about dentures.


We offer consultations for a variety of dental needs.

Whitening and dentures, tooth pain, preventative dentistry tools and techniques and so much more. Make an appointment to come and see us in Kenai, and tell us about your dental concerns.

We assure you that we can not only address your concerns, but put your mind at ease about them. We're here to help you! Don't hesitate to call on us.

Why choose us?

High tech digital x-rays
Emergency service & appts.
Dental service for all ages
Friendly and helpful personnel
All local insurance accepted
Highly trained dental staff
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