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Sometimes a serious sports injury or automotive collision can cause so much trauma that a badly damaged tooth needs to be extracted while more serious soft tissue wounds are treated. Once the serious injuries have been brought under control and you have the time to consider dental restoration, you should call 907-885-0444 to schedule an appointment with a doctor like Dr. Glen Lockwood.

If you are not comfortable with the oral surgery associated with a dental implant restoration, he might recommend replacing your missing tooth with a dental bridge.

This dental restoration process involves creating a single piece of dental work will include a replica of the original tooth which will also be fused on each end to open dental crowns. It will be mounted onto abutments formed from the healthy dentin core within the two teeth neighboring the void.

Once it has been created in a state of the art dental lab, the dental bridge will be cemented onto the anchoring abutments with a special dental grade adhesive. This will complete the treatment process and restore the natural function of your original tooth.

Dr. Glen Lockwood and his staff can also address any other dental restoration or treatment needs you might have.

If you are in the Kenai, , area and you are missing a tooth, you should call 907-885-0444 to explore the dental restoration options available at Kenai Dental Clinic.