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Severe tooth decay that affects multiple teeth can sometimes result in tooth loss. In other cases, multiple teeth could also be lost to chronic periodontal disease or severe dental trauma.

If you find yourself in a situation like this you should consider scheduling a dental restoration consultation with our doctor, Dr. Glen Lockwood. Many cases of multiple missing or compromised teeth can be addressed by having the doctor place an implant-supported bridge.

There are different phases to this type of dental implant restoration. The process begins with the doctor installing a pair of titanium dental implants into the jawbone. As time goes on, a natural process which is known as osseointegration will gradually bond the titanium with the living bone tissues. At this point a pair or abutments will be prepared with a structural integrity necessary for supporting a dental bridge. The replacement teeth will be created in a state-of-the-art dental lab.

The doctor will then cement the dental bridge in place with a strong dental grade adhesive. This will complete the dental restoration process and allow you to enjoy the natural function of your previously lost teeth.

If you live in the Kenai, , area and you are missing multiple teeth you should call 907-885-0444 to schedule a dental restoration consultation at Kenai Dental Clinic.