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At Kenai Dental Clinic, Dr. Glen Lockwood offers tooth extraction services for our patients and their families in Kenai, AK and the surrounding communities. Why are tooth extractions necessary? It is possible that an ailing tooth cannot be restored with a root canal treatment, whether because of severe decay or injury. Other causes of tooth extractions might be if a tooth cannot erupt properly through the gums, or to prepare the mouth for orthodontia in the case of tooth crowding.


What happens when bacteria enters the tooth pulp where the blood vessels and nerves live? It can cause infection of the tooth. Sometimes antibiotics can eliminate the infection, but if it doesn’t, the tooth will be pulled to keep the infection from spreading. In other situations where someone’s immune system is weak due to illness or chemotherapy, etc. an infected tooth may need to be extracted.

So, if a patient has severe gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, where an infection of the surrounding tissue and bone supporting a tooth result in the tooth loosening, it might be necessary to have the tooth removed.

After Extraction

So once your tooth (or teeth) have been extracted by our dentist, you will receive detailed aftercare instructions to facilitate proper healing. Once the area is healed you will be ready for a dental restoration to replace the missing tooth (or teeth). Since missing teeth can allow surrounding teeth to shift, it is advisable to have the tooth replace with a dental crown, dental implant, fixed bridge or denture.

Depending on your specific situation, Dr. Glen Lockwood can help you decide which restoration option best fits your situation. If you have any questions, or would simply like to schedule a visit with our team in Kenai, , please call 907-885-0444 today!