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When choosing a tooth restoration service such as dental crowns or dental veneers, it is important to focus on the benefits of each. Even though they both seek to drastically improve the look of your teeth, they do so in slightly separate ways.

Dental crowns can enhance the functionality and durability of a tooth, extending its lifespan. They can be customized and crafted based on color, size, shape, and curvature. They are proficient in fixing teeth that have root canals, fillings, and even implants. In some instances, they can piece together broken bits of teeth and restore their function. Usually, dental crowns can last over a decade.

Dental veneers are a highly effective tooth restoration treatment that uses a small shell to bind to the fronts of teeth. They can be customized and designed based on color, size, shape, and curvature. Veneers require little tooth enamel removal, even less than dental crowns. They can give you a superstar smile and are often used by wealthy individuals and celebrities alike. Typically, dental veneers last over a decade.

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