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If you deal with bad breath on a regular basis, you’re not alone. Plenty of American adults have to deal with this problem, and while many different factors can cause bad breath, there’s usually one that’s common across the majority of people.

They don’t properly clean their tongues, or their tongues happen to latch on to more bacteria than those of others. When bacteria, debris, and bits of food remain trapped on your tongue it’s almost a shoe-in that you’ll end up with bad breath.

Let’s look at how you can stop that from happening.

Use a tongue scraper

A tongue scraper is exactly what it sounds like – a tool built specifically to scrape the bacteria from your tongue, resulting in a healthier mouth and decreased risk for bad breath. You can get a tongue scraper built from stainless steel or plastic, although if you have a sensitive gag reflex or smaller mouth you’ll want a plastic scraper as they tend to be smaller.

Why not just brush my tongue?

Brushing your tongue does work to help rid it of bacteria, and it’s something you should incorporate alongside using a tongue scraper. However, brushing your tongue doesn’t get all the bacteria, and a tongue scraper can get the rest. You’re left with better breath, and better overall oral health.

Again, a tongue scraper should be used in conjunction with brushing your tongue. It’s not a tool meant to replace that critical part of your oral heath hygiene routine.

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