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Whitening your teeth is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in the world. Everyone wants a nice, bright, dazzling smile. However, with all the options to whiten available, picking the right one can be a definite challenge.

So how do you choose between having a dentist whiten your teeth, or doing it yourself? Let’s look at the pros and cons of both.

In-office whitening

The quickest and effective way to whiten your teeth is to use the services offered here at Kenai Dental Clinic in Kenai, . Letting a professional whiten your teeth gives you access to whitening solutions that are far more powerful than what’s available over-the-counter. Dr. Glen Lockwood can also apply the whitening gels in such a way that your gums won’t become irritated. It’s easy to let the gel spill out of the take-home whitening trays, and when it gets on your gums it can cause serious irritation.

Your teeth also whiten faster when you visit a dentist’s office than at home. If your smile isn’t deeply stained, you can conceivably walk out of the office with a white smile in just a single appointment.

Over-the-counter whitening

You can also whiten your smile with products bought over-the-counter. These products include whitening trays and strips. They do take longer than in-office whitening, and aren’t as effective if your teeth are deeply stained.

Either procedure can be effective, but if you think in-office whitening is your best bet, then call us today at 907-885-0444 to schedule an appointment.